Estate Planning

An Estate Plan provides instructions to your family and friends about who and what was important to you in LIFE. Without a will, state laws take over and your property may go to distant or unintended relatives, or possibly to the state itself.

If you don’t have an Estate Plan…

The state has one for you. If you die without a valid will your property will be divided according to your state’s guidelines. This may not be the way you would want it distributed.

Plan to attend one of these FREE Estate Planning Seminars with no obligation and get answers to these key questions about wills and more…

  •  Do I really need a will?
  • What if I don’t really have an “estate”?
  • What if I already have a will?
  • Are there reasons to make or review my will?
  • What about trusts?
  • If I have a “Living Trust”, do I still need a will?
  • Is will and trust planning expensive?
  • Is my will private?

Presented by Ryan W. Collier, P.C., Estate Planning Attorney

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